Rechargeable Motor parts

All motorised blinds purchased from us will come pre-programmed to your desired upper and lower limits. The information provided on this page is for guidance should should you need to alter the blinds upper or lower limits or gain a better understanding of how programming is undertaken. When offering motorised roller blinds we would recommend considering the following factors: 





1. Louvolite Lithium Rechargeable. Batteries last approximately one year  and require charging overnight with the charger provided when they lose power. No electrician is required. 



2. Somfy Wirefree Battery Powered.  Batteries last approximately one year and will require replacing thereafter. The battery casing requires 6 x AA high quality lithium batteries. No electrician is required. 



3. Somfy Hardwired Sonesse 30. This is a 24 volt motor requiring power from a transformer.  The transformer is connected to the mains via a 5 amp fuse spur or 5 amp standard plug. Blinds come with 3m of wire, which can easily be extended. An electrician is required to connect the transformer to an electricity supply. 



4. Somfy Hardwired Sonesse 40. This motor requires a 230 vac to power it and is connected directly to electricity supply via a 5 amp fuse spur or standard plug (no transformer required). Blinds come with a 3m wire. The Sonesse 40 is quieter than the Sonesse 30, has variable speed settings and can lift larger blinds. An electrician is required to connect the blind to an electricity supply. 




1. Louvolite Lithium Rechargeable. Has a 5 channel remote and can operate 1 blind on each channel.


2. Somfy Wirefree Battery Powered.

3. Somfy Hardwired Sonesse 30.

4. Somfy Hardwired Sonesse 40. 1, 5, 6 & 16 channel remotes are available for all of our Somfy motorised options. Up to 3 blinds can be allocated to each channel. Please note that the remote control prices increase with the number of channels. A timer option is available with the 6 channel remote only. A wall switch is also available.  


Simply inform us as to which of your blinds you would like to assign to each channel and we will program the controls accordingly for you.




Are any of the blinds unusually large? (over 2.5m x 2.9m)


Is the fabric particularly heavy? (e.g. Ex-lite, Guardian).


Please consult us with regards larger blinds with heavier fabrics. We can then calculate the weight of the fabric and advise of the best option available.


Please contact us for special requirements including solar panel charging, weather stations or larger commercial projects.